Giving Twitter a chance

15 04 2013

As earlier posting I have been inspired to give Twitter another chance. First thing was to unfollw some very prolific tweeters to lighten the load. Also added some authoritive HE sources (digital visitor?) Although I aspire to having an annual archiving session from my twitter shoebox but am not sure that is going to happen.  I am seeing a benefit in it as a source of news.  I just need to develop the habit of checking the twitter feed though!  Have also learnt that Twitter has an automatic URL shorttener so I can cross learning how to do that off my list. Thanks Twitter: All links (URLs) posted in Tweets are shortened using our service.

Creating Our Own Narratives

12 04 2013

Experiment with Twitter – activity 0.3 #OcTEL. First, read this to be inspired about twitter. Beautiful blog too so enjoy it all.