ocTEL week 3 – 3E Framework (Keith Smyth webinar)

10 06 2013

I know ocTEL advise us to keep jogging along and I am already on catch-up from week 7 but I’ve decided to head back to week 3 in order to capture the 3E framework which I think is a brilliant resource.  I have just watched the webinar again and got just a much on the second run-through – so thanks ocTEL.

The full details of the 3E framework  can be found here: http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/academicdevelopment/TechBenchmark/Pages/3E.aspx

But the useful resources are here: http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/vice-principal-academic/academic/LTA/Pages/LTA.aspx

As explained in the webinar, it is all licensed under creative commons – they are actively encouraging creative use.

Described as a continuum – I do love a continuum!


Linking to a previous posting on using Peer-wise is http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/vice-principal-academic/academic/LTA/resources/Pages/Details.aspx?ItemID=162&Section=CS

There is a PowerPoint introduction to use of peer-wise at the foot of the resource.



ocTEL week 3 resources – Best Practice Models for e-learning

10 06 2013

From Keith Smyth webinar (ocTEL week 3)

This page gives more information about the Best Practice Models project run in the Learning Development and Innovation team at Staffordshire University and details of how you can get involved.

Helen Walmsley http://learning.staffs.ac.uk/bestpracticemodels/


Resources from the chat-room (ocTEL webinar week 1)

22 04 2013

I just wanted to post 2 links that came from the chat-room during this webinar:


There was an interesting discussion going on about consistency.  While I am all for ‘deliberately vague’ as an approach to prepare students for their unknown futures, I think there is also a lot of merit in a consistent starting point or base-line and this seems useful to that end.


Then this wonderful resource of OERs to explore…