Emergent Learning

18 04 2013

I want to highlight an article on Emergent Learning. On writing this post, I struggled to find how on earth I’d got onto this but have found that it is mentioned in the course notes for week 1 in Activity 1.1.  I was so uninspired by the thought of investigating teaching machines that I latched onto the follow-up task on thinkers / approaches and the last one on the list is Emergent Learning Model.  Also as I am tied to a method of working that means I print out the course notes (I know, but I like to write on them) I also wandered off into Google rather than using the provided links. So this is how I got started…and I am really pleased I did as I stumbled on this:


Williams, Karousou, Mackness (2011) Emergent Learning and Learning Ecologies in Web 2.0, Special Issue – Connectivism: Design and Delivery of Social Networked Learning

Apparently we return to learning theories in week 3 and by then I may have brought my thoughts on this article into a cohesive post but for now this is just to flag it /share it / remember it as it is amazing!

The article’s key words are: emergent learning, prescriptive learning; constraints; retrospective sense making; learning ecologies; emerging learning networks

It presents a model of emergent learning / prescriptive learning in order to strategize for the future.

Emergent Learning_Williams,R(2011)

It also suggests a better term for prescriptive learning might be ‘sutured learning, in the Lacanian sense of being sewn up and not negotiable’

Well it that doesn’t what your appetite for more I don’t know what will – enjoy.