Thoughts in motion

11 06 2013


(Image: Keep the thought in motion – Olimpia Zagnoli)

Some strands from ocTEL are beginning to slice together today.  As a course team we are preparing for course planning next month.  We had a useful pre-meeting and have agreed to map out through all the modules of the course some key themes.

Three elements from the course are in my mind as I re-write my modules, reflect on the year and prepare for course planning:

Keith Smyth 3E continuum (week 3)

3E continuum

Gilly Salmon (week 6) ‘start at the end’ – stage 5 Development


Nancy White (week 7)

Nancy white

I seem to have developed a fascination with participation.  The last line of this slide ‘usefully participate’ is really how I see my end point, with my graduates usefully participating as a professional in the industry (in contexts of their choosing).  I have begun some explorations into how the course can extend to include alumni, professional bodies and local SME.  Something is beginning to take shape…

Gilly Salmon webinar in ocTEL introducing Carpe Diem workshop

22 05 2013

Good resources from the webinar today:

For me this resembled a deign-thinking creative workshop but it was useful to see it applied to the process of learning design rather than product design.  The resources are good too and include examples.   For me, the useful take-aways of the 5 stage process were:

  • ‘focus on the end-point’ i.e. LOs and
  • the reality check stage of the process – as all creative people can get carried away in the moment

These are visually depicted in the resources as per below.