A note of optimism to encourage digital visitors – increasingly intuitive technologies

2 05 2013

Jonathan Sands OBE gave his Professorial Inaugural lecture at the University of Huddersfield tonight.

This gem of optimism came from the Q&A session.  Jonathan was asked if he was concerned that some would be left behind and excluded from the benefits of the digital society.  He said no – I expected him to, he describes himself as an ‘optimista’.

To make his point he reminded us of  item called an ‘instruction manual’


The point being to remind us  how far we had come.  To show that increasingly intuitive technologies are aiding accessibility.  This will only continue.

Increasingly intuitive use should help us all engage with these technologies. It should help with that feeling of being over-whelmed by the pace and constant change,  wondering if we will ever be up to date.

It will help tear down some of the current barriers and excuses…

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Digital Visitors and Residents

12 04 2013

My twitter explorations lead to finding this today. So there’s a positive. I guess that I was searching for ‘motivations to engage with the digital environment’ in my musings over the meaning of participation whilst also wondering if I am too old to get to grips with this. I was inspired by Diana Laurillard response to a big question in the webinar yesterday about ‘reluctant’ staff – aren’t we all unskilled / time-short and lacking in confidence? This also linked with a later discussion on whether as teachers we could do this for ourselves – if we don’t it will be some bright spark from Computer Engineering that gives us what they think we need. That’s a rallying call to get involved or get lumbered! Love carrot and stick – works for me every time.
So from the work below I can see that I tick quite a lot of the visitor boxes – seeking out authoritative sources, thinking taking place offline – users not members…back to participation. But can definitely see some potential in the other side. Off to muse offline, obviously.
This table is from the JISC progress report 2012: