ocTEL week 3 – 3E Framework (Keith Smyth webinar)

10 06 2013

I know ocTEL advise us to keep jogging along and I am already on catch-up from week 7 but I’ve decided to head back to week 3 in order to capture the 3E framework which I think is a brilliant resource.  I have just watched the webinar again and got just a much on the second run-through – so thanks ocTEL.

The full details of the 3E framework  can be found here: http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/academicdevelopment/TechBenchmark/Pages/3E.aspx

But the useful resources are here: http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/vice-principal-academic/academic/LTA/Pages/LTA.aspx

As explained in the webinar, it is all licensed under creative commons – they are actively encouraging creative use.

Described as a continuum – I do love a continuum!


Linking to a previous posting on using Peer-wise is http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/vice-principal-academic/academic/LTA/resources/Pages/Details.aspx?ItemID=162&Section=CS

There is a PowerPoint introduction to use of peer-wise at the foot of the resource.