Motivation – role of autonomy, mastery and purpose

27 04 2013

In this ocTEL learner’s needs / readiness week I have been mulling over the importance of intrinsic motivation in learning.

I thought I would share this:RSA Animate — Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (10.48  – worth it for the content but the animation adds another dimension and makes it really memorable. Enjoy this 10 minute version of Dan Pink’s book Drive.

Dan Pink 1

I am grateful to Roger Harrison’s blog this week too for making me aware of Knowles.  This is taken from his posting:

  • Knowles made a distinction of adult learners with the term “andragogy,”. Andragogy focuses on special needs of adult learners. Knowles identified six assumptions about adult learning: (1) need to know, (2) self-concept, (3) prior experience, (4) readiness to learn, (5) learning orientation, and (6) motivation to learn

Dan Pink 3

Also to Helen @

  • People will actually need to contribute, share, write, create, collaborate…online – and we need to let them know.

Something is taking shape in my head…



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